For many wealthy families, the acquisition of significant life insurance can be an important part of the overall wealth preservation plan. As the advisory team evaluates whether insurance will be economically viable to achieve specific objectives, it is imperative that a comprehensive assessment is made of the alternatives available. Over the years, the Firm has developed an in-depth due diligence process of all aspects of the "large" life insurance funding. This due diligence includes a thorough review of the financial strength of the carriers in question, types and structures of contracts in the market, payment mechanics, income, gift and estate tax ramifications, and both domestic and offshore alternatives. While the Firm may receive compensation for the placement of insurance, the Firm is not affiliated with any one insurance carrier, and has developed long-term relationships with significant contacts within most of the major carriers. This independent approach is designed to bring in the best offers available in the marketplace and deliver substantial value to our clients. The Firm has the ability to facilitate and simplify medical underwriting, and can handle the entire process, from initial review, to implementation and ongoing monitoring.